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The Move

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Brides....We are starting to fill our calendar for 2015 weddings and receptions.  
Please contact us for additional information about renting the outdoor facility, 515-523-2199.


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Come visit our 100 year old, one room school house, which serves as our tasting room and gift shop.  Sample our wines, enjoy a bottle of wine on our deck while relaxing and taking in the spectacular view!  Be sure to visit our Events Page for a listing of live music and other Dale Valley Vineyard activities.

3097 285th St.
Stuart, IA 50250


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Looking to do something new and fun?  Join our volunteers during bottling season.  Meet new friends, learn the bottling process, and take a bottle of wine home with you. 
Simply click here to join the volunteer list.

Did you know?
We ship wine throughout the state of Iowa.  Contact us by phone or email to have Dale Valley Vineyard Wine delivered to your door.

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